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Roku is the online media streaming box that allows the user to watch their favourite channels via content providers in the market. You have to subscribe separately to these content providers in other to get the TV shows and movies. It will surely make a hole in your pocket to watch your hits along the different platform. So, in order to get free content via Roku TV here is the application for it.

ShowBox is an excellent application to get the entertainment things done, watching favourite videos, looking for the news about the specific ones etc and all these come in a single app with great design and user experience.

Best Features of ShowBox:

  • New contents are added daily to the network.
  • Simple search and navigation to all parts of the application.
  • Choose what you want to watch by downloading it for the later use of the desired quality.

How to Install ShowBox on Roku TV:

  1. Make sure your mobile and the Roku TV is connected to the same router or Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Use the Roku TV remote to navigate to the Setting and then turn on the screen mirror feature.
  3. Once the screen mirror feature is turned on, you can click on the Cast button in the menu,
  4. This cast will help you identify the connected mobile device and you will be able to see the casted screen on the Roku TV.
  5. Now Download ShowBox on your mobile device and stream the contents from mobile to TV.

You can also achieve the same with the All Screen app on the device. First of all, you need to download the All Screen app on the device and connect to the same network as Roku TV.You can search for the Roku device in the network from All screen app and click on it to connect to the TV.

Now, while watching the ShowBox movies, you can use the alternate player as Roku TV and the video will be directly played on the TV. Hence all the above steps will make ShowBox movies stream on Roku TV.

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